Amazing Staff Picks (10/25/2017)

Following a super fun Halloween ComicFest, we need some fun and new... New! Not only are updating the name of our Staff Picks but we are giving you a whole new set of books to enjoy! Let's talk this week's Amazing Staff Picks.

Norrin's Pick

Deadly Class #31

Norrin's Pick

There's something grand about being lame, and the lame are making moves to haunt all who imagine themselves members of the council of cool kids.

The final issue of the sixth bull-busting arc of Deadly Class has arrived. And it is a dousy! Just cause your an outcast does not mean you do not know how to play revenge. It is usually the exact opposite! Rick Remender (Black Science, Captain America, Seven to Eternity) and Wesley Craig (Blackhand Comics) keep throwing punches and we are loving every second! If you haven't yet, absolutely come pick it up! This arc and every trade before!

If you would prefer Trade (as this is the last issue of this arc), we do have all 5 Trade Paper Backs and are now taking pre-orders for the sixth (hitting shelves 12/20)!

EXCITING NEWS!!! All of us at Amazing Comic Shop would also like to give a HUGE CONGRATS to both Rick Remender and Wes Craig! Deadly Class has been picked up for a Pilot by SyFy! And we cannot wait!

Heather's Pick

Renato Jones Season 2 #4

Heather's Pick

The rage and the reckoning have an ending...and it is upon him. How many deaths can one man die? Renato Jones is about to find out...Oh, and puppies. Lots of cute puppies.

The 1% have a lot to apologize for and Renato Jones will not stop until he has taught his lesson. No matter how many times he has to personally put himself in danger. Also... Puppies... Everyone loves puppies! Kaare Andrew's (Iron Fist Living Weapon) spins a tale of loss, anger, revenge... Death... And more Death! But in a very relatable we-are-the-99% way. If you want action. If you want the unexpected. If you want the "What the ****?" moment. Come in and grab Renato Jones Season 2!

Katie's Pick

Jughead The Hunger #1

Katie's Pick

BRAND NEW SERIES!  Jughead Jones is a werewolf, and Reggie Mantle has fallen victim to Jughead's monstrous ways. Now Betty Cooper: Werewolf Hunter along with Archie Andrews are hot on the trail of Jughead.

Did you LOVE Frank Tieri's Jughead The Hunger One-Shot from Archie Comics? Yes?!?! So did we! And so did EVERYONE! It was so passionately accepted it has now become an ongoing series! Also from writer Tieri (Catwoman N52) and with artists Pat Kennedy and Tim Kennedy, #1 picks up right where the One-Shot left off. Warewolf Hunters, Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews, are on the hunt for the blood thirsty creature that is Jughead Jones. If you are looking to appease your horror palate! Then this is definitely for you!

We are so happy that we get to talk to you about these books and that you are going to be coming in and we can talk to you about even more AWH-MAZ-ING books. We will see you at the store and make sure you check back here weekly for all of the top titles you should be reading.

New Comic Book Day (10/04/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

Can you believe how crazy it has been? Baltimore Comic Con. Harley Quinn Day! And we are already turning around and starting prep for Halloween Comic Fest (October 28)? We are on fire! But... We still have books to throw your way! Check out this week's Amazing Staff Picks.

Heather's Pick

Batman: White Knight #1

Heather's Pick

In a world where Batman has gone too far, The Joker must save Gotham City.
He's been called a maniac, a killer and the "Clown Prince of Crime" but "white knight"? Never. Until now... Set in a world where the Joker is cured of his insanity and homicidal tendencies, The Joker, now known as "Jack," sets about trying to right his wrongs. First he plans to reconcile with Harley Quinn, and then he'll try to save the city from the one person who he thinks is truly Gotham City's greatest villain: Batman! Superstar writer and artist Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus, The Wake) presents a eight-issue miniseries of a twisted Gotham City with a massive cast of heroes and villains that, at its heart, is a tragic story of a hero and a villain: Batman and The Joker. But which is the hero-and which the villain? 

Joker... As a "good guy"? No... Wait... What? He is healed? Noooooo?!?!? This book is crazy! It is beautiful! Though, we did not need to tell you that! Sean Murphy's art and storytelling and breathtaking. Batman: White Knight #1 WILL sell out. Critics are already suggesting that this book will rank along side titles such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Which means you need to pick it up before it is gone!

Katie's Pick

I Hate Image Special Edition

Katie's Pick

The Free Comic Book Day hit is back, with even more pages! Gertrude has been stuck in Fairyland for decades when she finally hears of a secret passage that may be her way back home. But reaching it is easier said than done, as she crosses the border into Image where she'll have to chop her way through your favorite characters from SAGA, THE WALKING DEAD, SAVAGE DRAGON, SPAWN, DESCENDER, BLACK SCIENCE, SOUTHERN BASTARDS, and many more! This all-new special edition features four additional pages of story as Gert slices and dices her way through even more of your Image favorites, plus a behind the scenes look at Skottie's script, layouts, and black and white artwork all wrapped in a brand-new cover!

Gert is on a rampage. She will destroy anyone in her path to get out of Fairyland. Even if she has to destroy all of Image to do so! Seriously! She kills everyone! Skottie Young (Fortunately, The Milk, Rocket Raccoon) created a masterpiece of comic universe destruction.

Did you not get I Hate Image on Free Comic Book Day because it was the hottest book of the 2017 event? Or did you get it and need another version (or two), which includes additional pages with  new art and scripts, because it is just that amazing? We have it and you definitely need it! So come and get it before it is all gone.

James's Pick

Dark Nights - Batman: The Dawnbreaker #1

James's Pick

As the events of DARK NIGHTS: METAL rock the DC Universe, the creatures of the Dark Multiverse stand ready to invade our world! How can even the World's Greatest Heroes stop a horde of deadly beings that appear to be powerful, nightmare versions of familiar figures? Find out in these special tie-in issues!

What happens when the Green Lantern Ring seeks out Bruce Wayne instead of Hal Jordan? Something dark. For no one has a greater Willpower than Bruce Wayne. The second tie-in introduces the power of "The Dawnbreaker's Light" and it is something to behold. So come in because you need to be-holding it! (We apologize for that pun.)

Norrin's Pick

Cannibal #8

Norrin's Pick

In this conclusion to the second arc, the Hansen family decide the fate of a loved-one who is infected with the virus. But to carry out their plans, they must go through one of their own.

The second arc of Brian Buccellato (Sons of the Devil), Jennifer Young and Matias Bergara's (Sons of Anarchy) Southern Gothic hits a dark conclusion. Families can be difficult but when death is involved and family is pitted against each other, sometimes all we need is a small light at the end of the tunnel. But will the Willow townsfolk get any happiness?

Come in and grab the conclusion of the second arc of this emotional series. Need to catch up on Cannibal? The first Trade Paperback is currently in stock and we are taking pre-orders for Volume 2, which hits shelves November 29th.

Phew! That is a week! And if you come in and see us, we will happily hand you even more! So come on by. And make sure to check back here weekly (we will do get better) for all of the best Staff Picks!

New Comic Book Day (09/13/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

It has been awhile. We missed you! Hopefully you missed us too? Or... At least the AMAZING Staff Picks we throw your way? You do not need to wait any longer. Let's get these Picks down to business.

Heather's Pick

Umm... Everything?

Heather's Pick

Action Comics #987, the first issue of the highly anticipated 'Oz Effect'... The Realm #1... Mister Miracle #2... The Runaways #1... Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special... Dark Nights: Metal #2... And no many more that are not pictured. Just... Everything!

Harley Quinn Day

There are so many new and exciting titles this week, some would call it unfair! You could drown in titles. Just... Come in! Grab everything. All of it! Literally! Just come in already!

For our fellow Harley Quinn Fans! We also want to wish a very Happy 25th Anniversary to our favorite Clown Princess of Crime! And do not forget our Harley Quinn Day Event on September 30th.

Free Comics, great stories and all the Harley Quinn you could ever need! (Well... Not all. Cause we can all use a little bit more!)

Norrin's Pick

Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It #3 (of 5)

Norrin's Pick

Aw gee, Morty's on his way to stop the Council of Ricks! Morty battling just isn't right, and we've gotta stop it! That is, until he gets stopped by Beth, and her team of pocket Jerries! Swimming Jerry! Wizard Jerry! Buff Jerry! They're all here, and they're all out to stop Morty! Plus: more Pocket Mortys cards in the back of every issue!

Writer, Tini Howard (The Skeptics), and Artist, Marc Ellerby (Love the Way You Love TP: Side A), are having way too much fun and taking us for a wild ride. Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It is the mini-series we may not have deserved but we definitely needed. The series only has two issues left, which means you need to get in here and buy the issues all up.


Winnebago Graveyard #4 (of 4)

Katie's Pick

MINI SERIES FINALE! The end is near. Christine fights to keep her family alive as Satanists attack.

That is a pretty definitive ending explanation if there ever was one. And we are saddened that it is over. Winnebago Graveyard, from horror writer extraordinaire, Steve Niles (October Faction), along artist Alison Sampson (Genesis GN), is nothing short of... AMAAAAAAAAZING! If you have not read it... Well... You need to. Like right at this very second!

Would you rather get in Trade? That is an option to! The Winnebago Graveyard Trade Paperback has a release date of 11/22/2017 and we are taking pre-orders now.

James's PIck

Ms. Marvel #22

James's Pick

Something sinister has turned every citizen of Jersey City against Ms. Marvel. Worse still, Becky St. Jude a.k.a. Lockdown, has made it her personal mission to take end J.C.'s great defender. With Becky's new sidekick's intimate knowledge of Ms. Marvel's moves, it's Kamala Khan's life that hangs in the balance...

We have said it before. If you are not reading Ms. Marvel, come in. Please! Come in and grab this sensational book. It is ground breaking in so many ways. And the story is only getting better!

Big week. Big Picks! And there are so many more unbelievable titles in store that we are happy to throw your way. So come on by! And make sure to check back here for all of our Amazing Staff Picks.

New Comic Book Day (08/23/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

Better late than never? Maybe not the best term but we want to make sure you get the best books available! It may just take a few extra days every now and again. But, without any further ado... Here are this week's Amazing Staff Picks!

James's Pick

Shirtless Bear Fighter #3

James's Pick

The mighty Shirtless is in the clutches of Fuzzy Wipes(TM) CEO Jaxson Logger, and it's up to rogue FBI agent Suzie Silva to bust him out! Don't miss bear-brawls, golden toilets, and...BETRAYAL in SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER #3!

We are all a'bear-punchin' in the store! In our efforts to support Shirtless and his fantastic creative team, writers Jody LeHeup and Sebastian Girner along with artists, Nil Vendrell and Mike Spicer, we are picking fights with all the cute but, probably, evil Teddies in the store! Come on in and join us in the Bear Punching Fun! Well... At least the purchasing of the book... Maybe not so much of the Teddy Bear Punching Part!

Norrin's Pick

X-O Manowar (2017) #6

Norrin's Pick

From the bloodied frontlines to the highest seats of power, there is something rotten on Aric of Dacia's new home. With an entire planet in turmoil, who the mighty warrior once known as X-O Manowar can trust no one, especially those he holds dearest. But will the hero of earth rise and become the hero of his adopted planet...or will his endless supply of enemies crush him first? "GENERAL" comes to its unbelievable finale here as New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (X-O Manowar) and superstar artist Doug Braithwaite (Bloodshot U.S.A.) prepare Valiant's unstoppable hero for his biggest rise in power yet...and push him past the point of no return!

With the first Valiant title to appear on our Staff Picks page, Norrin picked a dousy! X-O Manowar #6 closes the explosive first arc in the Hero's all new 2017 series. Come on in and grab the first six issues and get lost in the Valiant Universe!

Only a few picks this week! But we only promise the best! If you would like even more engrossing reads, come on in and we can hand you even more! Keep your eyes here every week for all the best must-reads.

New Comic Book Day (08/16/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

Another week has flown by. Which means? New Amazing Staff Picks! (*Fake audience screaming in the background.) Check out what we are throwing your way this week.

Katie's Pick

Southern Bastards #17

Katie's Pick

"GUT CHECK," Part Three. The bleachers are slick with blood as Coach Boss faces some brand-new competition on and off the field.

Have you noticed that Katie really, really... REEEAAALLLYYYY likes Southern Bastards? The drama is only picking up and Coach Boss is going to go up against his most powerful apponent yet. If you haven't decided to try it the first 43 times we have talked about it, then you need to come in and grab it.

Norrin's Pick

Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It #2 (of 5)

Norrin's Pick

Morty thinks he's hit the jackpot when he stumbles upon a secret Morty haven, run by Crazy Cat Rick. All the food and cozy body pillows he could want! But he soon discovers that there's a dastardly reason that the Mortys are so docile, and stumbles upon the grand secret of Morty battling. Plus: more Pocket Mortys cards in the back of every issue!

The game is on! Based on the popular Phone App/Game, Pocket Mortys, writer Tini Howard (Magdalena) with artists Marc Ellerby (Rick & Morty Lil Poopy Superstar) and Katy Farina (Steven Universe) tell a story of love, loss... But mostly pitting one Morty against another! There is no question, you should be reading this five part mini-series. WUBBA-LUBBA-DUB-DUB!

James's Pick

The Mighty Thor #22

James's Pick

EVERYTHING BURNS! Thor and the Ultimate Thor go face-to-flame with the Queen of Cinders! But even the fire of Muspelheim pales beside the fury of the Ultimate Thor... And with his thunder comes his vengeance.

While you are out shopping for Jason Aaron's Southern Bastards, you should also pick up his Thor books. Not just The Mighty Thor... All of them! Do not know what it is about Aaron, but he really likes to telling good stories. And you really need to be reading them all.

Heather's Pick

Dark Nights: Metal

Heather's Pick

The superstar BATMAN team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo reunite for a massive, universe-spanning event! DARK DAYS: THE FORGE and THE CASTING hinted at dark corners of reality that have never been seen till now! Now, as DARK NIGHTS: METAL begins, the Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger-and the threats it contains are coming for the DC Universe! 
DARK NIGHTS: METAL is a DC event unlike any other-one that will push Batman, Superman and heroes of the Justice League beyond their limits to take on threats unlike any our world has ever seen! It will take the combined might of the World's Greatest Heroes as you've never seen them before to face what's coming their way!

This event will have your heads banging to the beat. Not to give too much away but Metal is literally 'Earth Shattering'. The powerhouse creative team behind Batman (New52), Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, bring us a story that will drag you in so deeply, you will not even realize what hit you.

We do have a limited supply and we WILL sell out. Have you not had a chance to come in yet? That is perfectly fine. Second printings were announced before the book even hit shelves. Come in and pre-order your copy today!

Phew! So many good books to talk about. And there are even more in the store to chat about. Come by and we can send you home with even more incredible titles. And check back here weekly for all of our top staff picks.

New Comic Book Day (08/09/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

There are so many new titles! So many extraordinary reads and we are here to suggest our favorites. Check out this week's Amazing Staff Picks!

Heather' Pick

Mister Miracle #1

Heather's Pick

From the team behind The Sheriff of Babylon and the Hugo Award-nominated writer of Vision comes a unique new take on one of Jack Kirby's most beloved New Gods.
Scott Free is the greatest escape artist that ever lived. So great that he escaped Granny Goodness' gruesome orphanage and the dangers of Apokolips to travel across galaxies and set up a new life on Earth with his wife, the former female fury known as Big Barda. Using the stage alter ego of Mister Miracle, he has made a career for himself showing off his acrobatic escape techniques. He even caught the attention of the Justice League, which counted him among its ranks. 
You might say Scott Free has why isn't it enough? Mister Miracle has mastered every illusion, achieved every stunt, pulled off every trick - except one. He has never escaped death. Is it even possible? Our hero is going to have to kill himself if he wants to find out.

Writer Tom King (Batman - Rebirth) and artist Mitch Gerads (Punisher) really hit the ground sprinting. (Yup, they raced way past "running".) Mister Miracle exposes a brittle side of the New God and what it takes to stand up, even when you are at your weakest moments, when faced against unimaginable odds. Mister Miracle #1 is filled with punch-in-the-gut emotion that makes it so easy to flip from page-to-page that you do not even realize you have been sucked in. You really... REALLY need to come in and grab a copy of your own!

That is... If we were not already sold out... If you missed the first round, do not fret. We are currently taking pre-orders for the 2nd prints!

Katie's Pick

Redlands #1

Katie's Pick

A brand-new horror book from the minds of Eisner Award-winner JORDIE BELLAIRE (Pretty Deadly) and critically acclaimed artist VANESA R. DEL REY (Scarlet
) brings you to the sleepy, sunny town of Redlands, Florida. The police are failing to maintain control of their old-fashioned town, and a coven of killer witches plan to take everything from them. This summer, hide your bibles.

There are places all over the world... Drenched in darkness. And sometimes that darkness, that classic human darkness, needs to be wiped clean. Made anew. Bellaire put out a letter (not the one in the back of the book) that stated that Redlands was her way of getting out her emotions. Of letting lose the flood gates, so to speak. And, by every definition, Redlands is exactly that. The book is magic, freedom, wickedness and emotion all rolled together. It is so good, in fact, both Heather and Katie are suggesting it. So you know you need to come in and grab it!

BONUS SUGGESTION: Katie has had Kill or Be Killed, by Ed Brubaker (W) and Sean Phillips (A), as her Staff Pick in the past. Well... Volume 2 is out and it is waiting to go home with you!

James's Pick

Ms. Marvel #21

James's Pick

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer - a familiar adage for a veteran hero like Ms. Marvel. But when Kamala discovers that one of her old friends has joined forces with her enemies, things get a LOT more complicated...

When you are a Hero, especially a young Hero, often the most challenging battles are not those fought on the streets against a dangerous villain. But those battles fought inwards, between those whom you believed you were close to. Your colleagues, companions or family. But if you found out that one of them had betrayed you... What would you do? When Kamala is faced with these difficult life questions will she do what is right in the name of Justice? Or will she do what is best for her friendship?

Do we really need to sell you on G. Willow Wilson's (A-Force) young Heroine that has literally taken the Comics World by storm? Do we? Ms. Marvel is phenomenal and you should be reading it! No questions. You SHOULD be reading it! RIGHT NOW!

Do you need more titles? Come in to the store and we will happily hand you more and more great reads. But, for now... TTNF and Ta-Ta 'till next week!

New Comic Book Day (07/26/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

What to read? What... To read? Do you need something new? Well, we have some ideas for you! Check out our staff picks!

Katie and James's Pick

Shirtless Bear-Fighter #2 (of 5)

Katie AND James's Pick

Savage, wild-eyed bears are attacking cities across America, and only the Shirtless Bear-Fighter can stop them! But as Shirtless punches his way through wave after wave of not-so-friendly fozzies, one question looms large in his furious mind...just what is driving these bears so damn crazy? Enter...THE HILLBILLY WARLOCK!

Shirtless Bear-Fighter, from writers Jody LeHeup and Sebastian Girner and with art by Nil Vendrell, may be one of the wackiest titles currently on the rack. It is about a man, raised by bears, who does not wear a shirt... PUNCHING BEARS! Like.. That is the whole thing! Do you even need any other reason to pick up this book?

Heather's Pick

Frostbite TP

Heather's Pick

After Earth's second ice age, heat is power and brutal gangs roam the icy wasteland. If that wasn't enough, a terrible disease called "Frostbite" is literally freezing people from the inside out. Once you catch it, the effect is instantaneous. There is no immunity, there is no cure. Until now. Doctor Henry Bonham and his daughter Victoria have found the key to ending Frostbite. If they can get from Mexico City to a secret government outpost in Alcatraz, they could stabilize life across the globe. But to do that they'll need to stay alive. That's where Keaton comes in. She and her crew have faced worse journeys before, but never with the potential consequences this one poses if they fail. Collects FROSTBITE #1-6.

There are a lot of post-apocalyptic titles out there. Survival stories. Hopeless tales. But this one has a twist. This Apocalypse... Can be reversed! From writer Joshua Williamson (Nailbiter, Flash - Rebirth) and artist Jason Shawn Alexander (Empty Zone), this frozen mini-series is a warm read!

Norrin's Pick

Plastic #4 (of 5)

Norrin's Pick

Edwyn takes a hostage of his own, changing all the rules of this bloodcurdling cat-and-mouse game. Will Virginia's captors finally cut their losses and return her to Edwyn, or will there be more "death by plastic"?

It is almost over but the blood keeps spilling. Plastic is still bringing the pain! Did you not pick it up last month when we told you to? Then come in and grab it. RIGHT NOW!!! Or... If you prefer to wait for the Trade Paperback... You can pre-order it now! With only one more issue left, the full trade is set for an October 18th release.

And, we want to give Norrin a special thanks. We know your schedule is very busy (he is currently hanging out at the inaugural NovaCon in Tysons, go say hi). So, thank you for taking a moment to pose for the picture!

These are just a few of our favorite books. Come on in and we can get you stocked up with many, many new and amazing reads!

New Comic Book Day (07/12/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

It has been two weeks but are staff picks are as hot as ever. Let's talk some great some reads!

James's Pick


James's Pick

A PINK NIGHTMARE! The wall-breaking wunderkind we call Gwenpool gets ahold of the VENOM SYMBIOTE and turns into a sword-slinging, web-swinging master of disaster! But it won't all be fun and games when Gwenpool comes across something huge... something that will directly lead to the Venom event of 2017!

Since the pink fan-girl entered the Marvel Comic Universe, Gwenpool has made one hell of an impression. But the fun has yet only begun. The Venom Symbiote was dangerous enough on its own. But could you even imagine Gwenpool getting her hands on it? In the second of the five-part mini-series, featured creative team Christopher Hastings (Gwenpool, Vote Loki) and artist Irene Strychalsk (GwenpoolSilk) bring us what could only be described as what pink, fluffy, spider-y nightmares are made of.

Katie's Pick

Kill or be Killed #10

Katie's Pick

As his life spins out of control, Dylan and his demon come face-to-face once again.

Yes, Katie picked the final issue of the second arc but... IT IS THE END OF THE SECOND ARC! Kill or be Killed Volume 2 (featuring issues #5-10) hits comic stores August 9th and we are taking pre-orders now. Ed Brubaker and (his Fade Out) artist Sean Phillips' second arc of this deconstructed vigilante-thriller will keep you on the edge of your seats. Volume 1 is available in store now for the amazing Image Comics price of $9.99!

Heather's Pick

Dark Days: The Casting

Heather's Pick

The Joker's surprise attack threatens to lay waste to all of Batman's carefully laid plans. Will the Dark Knight be able to regain the trust of his closest allies, Green Lantern and Duke, and prevent the forces of darkness from consuming the DC Universe?! Will Hawkman's warning stop our heroes from peering into the abyss? The great comics event of summer 2017 is on its way, courtesy of superstar writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV with art by a master class of comics artists: Andy Kubert, Jim Lee and John Romita Jr.!

Scott Snyder... Andy Kubert... Jim Lee... Do you need more reasons to pick up this lead-in to the big DC Comics event of the summer? Joker is on the surprise offensive and Batman must realign himself with those of whom he calls some of his closest allies. With a shiny, foil cover, Dark Days: The Casting is absolutely worth the pick up!

Norrin's Pick

Uncanny Avengers #25

Norrin's Pick

SECRET EMPIRE TIE-IN! Manhattan is under siege! In order to survive this endless night, the Avengers must face darkness without and darkness within.

The world has been turned upside down. An army of Nightmares are attacking New York City and all the Heroes (AND Villains) can do is fight. Even when one of the Nightmares takes over one of their own. The second Secret Empire tie-in issue, from writer Jim Zub (Wayward), takes us deeper into the darkened reality of the Captain America's Fascist Marvel Universe.

Do you need more picks? Come in to the store and we will happily talk your ear off! Check back weekly for All-New, All-Different Staff Picks!

New Comic Book Day (06/28/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

Another week, another incredible set of New Books to grace our comic racks! Well... While they last! So, let's talk about some Amazing Staff Picks!

Heather's Picks

Saga #44

Heather's Pick

Hazel and her family search for elusive treasure: affordable healthcare.

The loss of a child is devastating. Not only to the parents and family, but to the Mother's body as well. But this one is doing equal parts weird as it is bad. Alana is now wielding some crazy powers after the death of her son. Maybe too crazy. And Marko is anxious to help. But will that extra level of anxiety push Alana over the edge and cause her to do something unbelievable?

Issue #44 of the smash hit series from Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples has returned with the second issue of the their eighth arc. Wait, second issue? Yup! The first issue is still available! And only for 25 cents! Yes! To help celebrate 25 years of Image Comics, come in today and pick up a copy of Saga #43 for only $.25!

Oh and about Batman/Elmer Fudd? Don't worry.. We are getting there!

Edge of Venomverse #1

Edge of Venomverse #1

James's Pick

The series that sets up the epic VENOM EVENT of 2017 STARTS HERE! Each issue introduces another major Venomized character that will feed into VENOMVERSE itself! THIS ISSUE, the young mutant clone designated X-23 collides with a cryogenic tube containing a strange alien symbiote during her frenzied escape from The Facility, . Bonding with the alien enhances her already considerable abilities, and aids in her escape, but it begins to alter her mind! On the run from the very people that made her, can X-23 hold it together or is she doomed to give in to Venom!

The VENOM EVENT is coming! In each story a new legendary character will be transformed by the Alien Symbiote. But it all starts with... Well... It started with Spider-man! But... The All-New, All-Different Event begins with the All-New, All-Different Wolverine! Can Laura keep her cool with all of the enhancements that the Symbiote will give her? Or will she fall to its control?

Come pick up the first issue of the Universe Changing Event from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Roland Boschi.

Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1

Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1

Katie's Pick

After a chance meeting with billionaire Bruce Wayne, Elmer Fudd's obsession quickly escalates into stalking Batman through the dark alleys and high-class social settings of Gotham City. Welcome to Bat Season! And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters written by Tom King and artwork by Byron Vaughns. 

It is Bat Season! No... Wabbit Season! No.... Bat Season! In the dark, dreariness of Gotham City, the hunting seasons tend to blend together. After an unexpected death, the hired gun known as Elmer Fudd, makes his way to a bar on the bad side of town. And there, a sneaky trickster turns Fudd's attention towards the Dark Knight.

This is a staff pick of two of the four staff members! Half of the staff is telling you to buy it! This incredible One-Shot mixes the world of the Looney Tunes with the grim alleyways of Gotham City. It is everything that you would never have expected and more! Written by Tom King (yes, the guy currently writing Batman) and with art by Lee Weeks plus a special backup story with art by Byron Vaughns (also written by King), this book is a MUST pick-up! Seriously... YOU MUST COME AND PICK IT UP!

Another Amazing Staff Picks! Keep checking us out weekly for all of the new and the best!

New Comic Book Day (06/22/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

Another new week of books and we have some things to say... And things to throw at you! Here are our Amazing Staff Picks for 06/22/2017.

Norin's Pick - Darth Vader #2

Darth Vader #2

Norin's Pick

The most fearsome villain of all time returns with an all-new series! When Anakin Skywalker fell, both to the pull of the dark side and to the blade of Obi-Wan Kenobi, he rose back up, more machine than man. Having lost everything that was once dear to him, the former chosen one must take his first steps into a darker Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith! Join Vader as he learns a new way - the way of Darth Sidious and his newly formed Empire...the way of the dark side.

In the second issue of his new series from writer Charles Soule (Letter 44Poe Dameron) and artist Giuseppe Camuncoli (Green Valley), the Dark Lord of the Sith is back in this All-New series. Anakin Skywalker has died. Under the teachings of his new Master, Darth Vader has risen. And he will be fierce. Come on in and pick up this all new series about our favorite Sith Lord.



Katie's Pick

Retired serial killer Edwyn Stoffgruppen is in love with Virginia, a girl he "met online." Her affection quiets his vile urges. Together, they tour the back roads of America in their LTD, eating doughnuts and enjoying their healthy appetites for each other. Life is good...until a Louisiana billionaire kidnaps Virginia, forcing Edwyn to kill again in exchange for her freedom.

Oh, and did we mention that Virginia is a sex doll? 

This series from writer Doug Wagner (ICE) and Daniel Hillyard (Sherwood TX) is... CRAZY! That is, in an absolutely must pick up way! Plastic is murder, sex and crazy all rolled up into one fantastic mini-series. After-all, what better story is there than a retired serial killer, returning to the good ol' day job after the love of his life, a sex doll, is kidnapped? Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) said, "This is the weirdest **** I've ever read. I love it!" And you will too, so come on in and pick up the firs three issues (of five) now!

Lobo/Road Runner Special #1

Heather's Pick

Wile E. Coyote travels to the far reaches of space to hire Lobo to hunt down and kill his greatest nemesis of all time, the Road Runner. And when the Coyote and Lobo are
after him, the Road Runner knows if they catch him-he's through. And the bonus Looney Tunes backup story features DC characters with story and art by Bill Morrison! 

No. We aren't kidding. These Looney Tunes crossovers have been fantastic! Legion of Super Heroes/Bugs Bunny Special #1 was so popular a Twitter campaign began to have DC Comics bring back Legion with writer Sam Humphries (Green Lanterns) at the helm. With Martian Manhunter/Marvel the Martian Special #1 and Wonder Woman/Tasmanian Devil Special #1 now out... Well? What are you waiting for? Come grab your copies now.

Aquaman #25

James's Pick

"UNDERWORLD" part one! In this extra-sized anniversary issue, former terrorists have replaced the Atlantean police. Crime lords control huge swaths of the kingdom. And a deadly undersea arsenal is trained on the surface-dwellers. All is as King Rath commands-and yet whispers persist of a rebel in the slums of Atlantis: A hero with the potential to change the world. A whole new era of AQUAMAN begins as master storyteller Stjepan Sejic (Sunstone, Death Vigil) joins series writer Dan Abnett for Arthur's boldest and most harrowing adventure yet! 

In this all new, explosive arc of Aquaman (Rebirth), Arthur, stripped of his crown and rank, must now help his underwater city of Atlantis break itself free from the grasp of King Corum Rath. Series writer Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) brings in fan-favorite Stjepan Sejic (Death Vigil, Rat Queens) for this epic new piece of Aquaman's tale. If you haven't yet picked up the highly acclaimed Rebirth series, now is the perfect time to start.

Need more suggestions? We are ready to give you all you need and more! Come on in and say hi!

New Comic Book Day (06/07/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

We solemnly swear we are up to... Suggesting great options for new reads! This week brought us so many new toys and books we could hardly figure out where to begin...

Champions #9


James's Pick

Casting a spotlight on young synthezoid Viv Vision! After what became of her family, she willingly shut down her emotions - but does that come with a price to pay?

After the dark conclusion to the story of Vision and his family, Viv has taken it upon herself to fight for truth and justice. But just because you turn your back on your past does not mean it simply disappears. In this special issue from Mark Waid (W) and Humberto Ramos (A), we take a step into Viv's world and find out just how twisted life for her has become. This issue is a must grab!

Wicked + Divine Vol 5: Imperial Phase I

Heather's Pick

The gods are free to do whatever they want. Inevitably, they do. 
Collects THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #23-28, including the critically lauded KEVIN WADA magazine issue.

**Plus a Special Shout Out to the Image Pride Variant Covers!**

The Gods are out to play and, with free range, the party is going to be a long, fun one. After-all what consequences could there be of living life up to the fullest? A continuation of the New York Times best selling series from Jamie McKelvie (A) and Kieron Gillen (W), Wicked+Divine volume 5 keeps the heat burning strong.

And we also like to give a big shout out to Image Comics and their Pride Month covers. This beautiful Sina Grace cover for Walking Dead #168 is just one example of the multiple variants meant celebrate this historic month! By the way... 100% of the direct sales for the Pride covers will go directly to the Human Rights Campaign!

Outcast #28

Katie's Pick

"HIS GROWING FLOCK" - Reverend Anderson has become the center of attention as more and more people start to see his side of things. Will this help Kyle's cause-or hurt it? Kyle needs to figure it out fast, because the fate of the world rests on his shoulders.

This smash hit, who's second season just ended on June 5 on FOX, continues with Reverend Anderson's popularity increasing. People are moving to his side, finally seeing the light in his words. But could Anderson's new "flock" actually be detrimental to Kyle's goals to save the world? If you haven't picked up Robert Kirkman (W) and Paul Azaceta's (A) Outcast yet, it is about time you start!

There are always more and more books to talk about. Need something new? Come on in, we would love to get one of the above books in your hands!

New Comic Book Day (05/24/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

What better way than to christen our brand new website than with its first full (well partial, we have to start slow) Staff Picks blog post! If you are looking for something new and exciting, let us lead the way.

Katie's Pick

Redneck #2

Katie's Pick

"Death and destruction have come to Sulphur Springs! With the murder of one of their own, the vampiric Bowmans are ready to wage war on anyone in their path. But will Bartlett be able to get to the bottom of things before the whole town explodes?
DONNY CATES (God Country) and LISANDRO ESTHERREN (The Last Contract) bring you the next chapter in this blood-soaked, Southern-fried Gothic masterpiece!"

Wait, wait! The very first Staff Pick that The Amazing Comic Shop decides to post is a #2?

Yes! Not only is Redneck #2 so fantastic that it is already sold out on a Publisher Level, but as of it's first day out on the shelf a second printing has already been announced! This series is hotter than the state it is based out of!

... Texas! It is based out of Texas! That would probably have been funnier if you had already read Redneck #1. Of which is the primary reason Katie picked it. Not only is #2 out this week, but the Second Printing of Redneck #1 also hit shelves on Wednesday! So come in and grab the issue before it is gone!

Or... If Katie has sold every copy we have in store by the time you read this... DO NOT WORRY! We take Special Orders. Come on in and make your Pre-Orders for Redneck #1 3rd Prints and #2 Second Prints as soon as possible!

James's Pick

Venom #150

James's Pick

Or, feels so bad? However it feels, Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote have been reunited, and they're web-slinging their way around New York again. Featuring a host (hah!) of Venom creators from the character's near 30-year history, this  monstrous anniversary spectacular welcomes guest artist TRADD MOORE (Luthor Strode) for an oversized and brutal main story AND a lethal story featuring fan-favorite creators David Michelinie (Iron Man/The Amazing Spider-Man) and Ron Lim (Thanos: The Infinity Finale/Captain America), reunited! With questions still lingering about how the symbiote was separated from Flash Thompson, and what lies in its future now that it's reunited with Eddie Brock, this is one issue you can't afford to miss!"

What more do we have to say than "VENOM" and "EDDIE BROCK" and "MONSTROUS ANNIVERSARY SPECTACULAR"? This issue is huge! With over 50 pages of Venom, if there was only one reason to come to The Amazing Comic Shop this week, it would be to grab Venom #150!

It's Us! As POPs!

So those are our two big Staff Pick's of the week. But don't worry there are far more to come. And it will not be just two Picks in the future. Expect Staff Picks and crazy pictures from all of us at the store. And make sure to follow the in-store adventures of the little POP!'d versions of ourselves. Each week they will be somewhere new and exciting, eagerly waiting for you to come by and try their suggestions!