Amazing Staff Picks (11/29/2017)

Are you still stuffed from Thanksgiving? It has been over a week and... Phew! We still may not want to look at food for another few days. Unless it is Christmas candy! And you know what goes best with candy? A brand new read! Let's get to some Amazing Staff Picks...

James's Pick

New Talent Showcase 2017 #1

James's Pick

The latest graduates from the DC Talent Development Workshops show off their skills in stories starring some of DC's greatest characters. In these tales, Poison Ivy fights an ancient demon, Doctor Fate is confronted by the cost of magic, Red Hood and Duke Thomas face off in a training day simulation and so much more!

DC Comics holds a special talent workshops every year in which they work to develop new and upcoming talent and then give them opportunities to write stories. Like the ones for the New Talent Showcase! This year there are several AMAZING stories including one about Duke Thomas's exciting new alter-ego, The Signal!

If you didn't check out the Showcase from 2016, you NEED to come in and check out the 2017 New Talent Showcase. This group of new talent will definitely surprise you!

Katie's Pick

Super Sons Annual #1

Katie's Pick

"SUPER-PETS UNLEASHED"! The World's Furriest team Krypto and Titus-together at last! Tired of the boys stealing the spotlight, the doggy duo lead the Super Sons on a canine-powered epic!

It is the Super Sons issue we have all been waiting for... THE PUPPY ISSUE!!! That is right, it is time for Krypto and Titus to take hold of the leashes and run the show. Bringing a few other super-furred-friends along for the ride.

Writer Peter J. Tomasi (Superman Rebirth) with artists Paul Pelletier (Cyborg) and Cam Smith (Amazing Spider-man) tell a fun and adorable tail (yes, tail) that we will be taking about for years to come! So come on in and grab a copy before they are all gone!

Heather's Pick

John Wick #1 (of 5)

Heather's Pick

When a young John Wick emerges from prison and embarks upon his first, epic vendetta, he comes up against a strange, powerful community of assassins and must learn how to master the Book of Rules that guides their lethal business. What are the Three Bills? Who is Calamity? And who was John Wick before he became the Baba Yaga? Here for the first time, read the thrilling origin story of John Wick, from Planet Hulk writer Greg Pak and X-Men Blue artist Giovanni Valletta.

If you are like Heather, you are already talking about the third John Wick movie. Like non-stop. (Because it is so exciting!) But... What about before John Wick became John Wick? What happened that turned him into one of the deadliest and terrifying assassins? Well... Let's find out!

From Greg Pack and Giovanni Valletta comes this new Dynamite Entertainment MUST (yes, MUST) read. Come in today and grab your copy of John Wick #1. Or... If you missed it, come by and place your order. We have already sold out! But! It is still available and we are more than happy to order a copy for you to love and enjoy.

We could keep going... Or... You could come in and we can offer you even more great choices! We love talking new titles! So... We will see you soon? And don't forget to stop by here, every week, to see all the latest and greatest Amazing Staff Picks!

New Comic Book Day (09/13/2017) - The Amazing Staff Picks

It has been awhile. We missed you! Hopefully you missed us too? Or... At least the AMAZING Staff Picks we throw your way? You do not need to wait any longer. Let's get these Picks down to business.

Heather's Pick

Umm... Everything?

Heather's Pick

Action Comics #987, the first issue of the highly anticipated 'Oz Effect'... The Realm #1... Mister Miracle #2... The Runaways #1... Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special... Dark Nights: Metal #2... And no many more that are not pictured. Just... Everything!

Harley Quinn Day

There are so many new and exciting titles this week, some would call it unfair! You could drown in titles. Just... Come in! Grab everything. All of it! Literally! Just come in already!

For our fellow Harley Quinn Fans! We also want to wish a very Happy 25th Anniversary to our favorite Clown Princess of Crime! And do not forget our Harley Quinn Day Event on September 30th.

Free Comics, great stories and all the Harley Quinn you could ever need! (Well... Not all. Cause we can all use a little bit more!)

Norrin's Pick

Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It #3 (of 5)

Norrin's Pick

Aw gee, Morty's on his way to stop the Council of Ricks! Morty battling just isn't right, and we've gotta stop it! That is, until he gets stopped by Beth, and her team of pocket Jerries! Swimming Jerry! Wizard Jerry! Buff Jerry! They're all here, and they're all out to stop Morty! Plus: more Pocket Mortys cards in the back of every issue!

Writer, Tini Howard (The Skeptics), and Artist, Marc Ellerby (Love the Way You Love TP: Side A), are having way too much fun and taking us for a wild ride. Rick and Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It is the mini-series we may not have deserved but we definitely needed. The series only has two issues left, which means you need to get in here and buy the issues all up.


Winnebago Graveyard #4 (of 4)

Katie's Pick

MINI SERIES FINALE! The end is near. Christine fights to keep her family alive as Satanists attack.

That is a pretty definitive ending explanation if there ever was one. And we are saddened that it is over. Winnebago Graveyard, from horror writer extraordinaire, Steve Niles (October Faction), along artist Alison Sampson (Genesis GN), is nothing short of... AMAAAAAAAAZING! If you have not read it... Well... You need to. Like right at this very second!

Would you rather get in Trade? That is an option to! The Winnebago Graveyard Trade Paperback has a release date of 11/22/2017 and we are taking pre-orders now.

James's PIck

Ms. Marvel #22

James's Pick

Something sinister has turned every citizen of Jersey City against Ms. Marvel. Worse still, Becky St. Jude a.k.a. Lockdown, has made it her personal mission to take end J.C.'s great defender. With Becky's new sidekick's intimate knowledge of Ms. Marvel's moves, it's Kamala Khan's life that hangs in the balance...

We have said it before. If you are not reading Ms. Marvel, come in. Please! Come in and grab this sensational book. It is ground breaking in so many ways. And the story is only getting better!

Big week. Big Picks! And there are so many more unbelievable titles in store that we are happy to throw your way. So come on by! And make sure to check back here for all of our Amazing Staff Picks.