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Amazing Staff Picks (01/24/2018)

We love comic books. We just... REALLY love comic books! And the only thing we love more is talking to you about comic books. So... Let's talk comics! Here are this week's Amazing Staff Picks.

Katie's Pick

Black Magick #10

Katie's Pick

"AWAKENINGS II," Part Five. In the wake of an officer-involved shooting, Rowan's lies are threatening to unravel. The Ascension threatens tragedy for those closest to Rowan.

Rowan is stuck. Between an investigation of the shooting of a police officer and a world that she has been keeping hidden. But, while trying to keep herself composed, The Ascension is trying to affect everyone around her. Rowan is at a precipice. And she needs to figure out how to untangle all aspects of her life.

This is the fifth of the six-part, second arc of Black Magick. We have the issues and, if you aren't already reading the series from Greg Rucka (Wonder Woman) and Nicola Scott (also Wonder Woman), you really need to come in!

PS: We are also taking pre-orders for Volume 2, which is set for a May 2, 2018 release.

James' Pick

Marvel 2-in-One #2

James' Pick

THE FATE OF THE FOUR Part 2. What is THE SECRET OF REED RICHARDS? And is it deep within MONSTER ISLAND? Ben and Johnny are the only ones who can uncover it, unless DOOM beats them to it! THE FATE OF THE FOUR continues here!

Could Reed and Sue really be alive? Could the letter that Doctor Doom found be more than a pathway to the multiverse... But, in reality, a pathway to Johnny and Ben's missing companions? Could... Could the Fantastic Four be the Fantastic Four again?

Well... Marvel is basically letting comics' most wild creator write it? So... Maybe?! Chip Zdarksy (Sex Criminals, Howard the Duck) and Jim Cheung (The Clone Conspiracy) are bringing back... Or not... The characters we miss the most. Come by and grab a copy of Marvel 2-in-One #2. As well as #1! If you need it...

Heather's Pick

Abbott #1

Heather's Pick

Hugo Award-nominated novelist Saladin Ahmed (Black Bolt) and artist Sami Kivelä (Beautiful Canvas) present one woman's search for the truth that destroyed her family. Hard-nosed, chain-smoking tabloid reporter Elena Abbott investigates a series of grisly crimes that the police have ignored. Crimes she knows to be the work of dark occult forces. Forces that took her husband from her. Forces she has sworn to destroy.

Darkness seeps out in ways that many just ignore. Including the Police and hardened News Journalists. But the best, do not need to have their names on the front page. And Elena Abbott is the best. She is not taken seriously, especially during a time of racial unrest. But... She sees passed what others refuse to even look at. The evil behind the mundane. And the Cult that took everything away.

To tag along with Black Magick #10, make sure to grab a copy of Abbott #1!

These and so many other good stories are just waiting for you. Come by the store and let us top you off with all of the best!

Amazing Staff Pick (01/10/2018)

Can you believe that we are already doing our first Staff Pick of 2018? It feels like only yesterday our little website was created and look at it now! Well... No time for reminiscing. Let's get to some Amazing Staff Picks!

Katie's Pick

Rocko's Modern Life #2

Katie's Pick

Rocko's new job is more than he bargained for, so he'll have to do whatever it takes to get fired. Featuring a backup story from David DeGrand that sends Rocko and Heffer to O-Town's very own comic convention.

We spoke about this one last month, but we cannot hold in our excitement! THe series we loved as children is back and... Rocko may not be super happy about it. Life in the modern day is hard. And he is having a harder time adapting to it. Come in today and grab a copy of the Rocko's Modern Life #2!

James' Pick

Ms. Marvel #26

James' Pick

An OLD ENEMY has returned with a monstrous new trick to boot! Will MS. MARVEL be in time to save the day, or will her new life keep her away from the city she loves?

We know... We know... We talk about Ms. Marvel a lot so we will not get into the details of the issue. You already know you should be reading it. But we do not want to talk about the upcoming Amazing Comic Book Club that is happening! On Friday, January 26th, we will be hosting an All Ages book club to talk Comics, Media and... Maybe eat a cookie or two... And the book? Ms. Marvel TP Volume 1! Come by, grab a copy of the volume from the store, read it and be ready to chat!

Two really fun books to start of the New Year! And we have even more books to offer when you come into the store!

Amazing Staff Picks (12/06/2017)

Hey... It is snowing! You know what goes good with snow? Yes, yes. Hot Chocolate with lots of marshmallows. But what else? How about a new book or two? Let's get into some Amazing Staff Picks.

Katie's Pick

Klaus and the Crisis in Xmasville #1 

Katie's Pick

Eisner Award-winning creator Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman) and Russ Manning Award winner Dan Mora (Saban's Go Go Power Rangers) reunite for a brand-new Klaus Special! An evil Santa from an alternate dimension has founded an evil soda corporation that uses Christmas and Santa as a marketing tactic to build their fortunes. Only Klaus can defeat the Pola Cola Corp and the zombie-like Santas that are in the evil Santa's thrall.

An evil Santa has come and wants to turn Christmas into a capitalist venture with advertisements galore. And it all starts with a new specialty soda company. Huh... Sounds oddly like art imitating life? Or maybe that is just us.... No matter. You should buy this issue! Brought to us by the same two gentlemen who created the earth-shattering Klaus mini-series.

Have you never read the original series from BOOM Entertainment? WHY NOT?!?!? We admit that a Santa Claus, Year One story sounds pretty silly and... Well, it kind of was! But in an incredible way! We currently have the Hardcover in stock as well.

James's Pick

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #1 (of 6)

James's Pick

The team behind the smash-hit crossover series is back to reunite the Dark Knight and the Heroes in a Half-Shell. When Donatello goes looking for a new mentor to help him improve his fighting skills, he opens a doorway to another reality, hoping to summon the Turtles' one-time ally, Batman. But instead, he gets sent to Gotham City and someone else comes through the open portal-Bane! Suddenly, there's a new gang boss in New York and he's out to unite all the other bad guys under him. Can Donnie get back in time and bring Batman with him to help his brothers before Bane causes irreparable destruction? Co-published by DC Comics with IDW Publishing.


It is back! James Tynion IV (Detective Comics, Rebirth) and Freddie Williams II's (Legendary Star-Lord) smash series that brings together the greatest Detective and a bunch of weapon carrying mutant Turtles. And the crossover is only getting bigger. New York City and Gotham collide when Bane tries to take over. This time the Turtles and Batman have a broader mess to clean up. Come in and grab the first issue of this incredible new series as soon as possible. Because it will fly off the shelves!

Norrin's Pick

Rocko's Modern Life #1

Norrin's Pick

Ryan Ferrier (Kong on Planet of the Apes) and Ian McGinty (Adventure Time) continue BOOM! Studios' partnership with Nickelodeon with all-new stories about everyone's favorite wallaby! When Rocko faces unemployment, a terrible living situation, and increasingly slim job prospects, he is forced to find out just how far he is willing to go to get a job.

ROCKO'S MODERN LIFE IS BACK!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! We are on cloud nine about this. If you are fan, either as an adult or child. There is nothing else to be said but... Come and get this book! The new series from BOOM will fill that gaping hole that has been in your chest since the series ended in 1996.

Heather's Pick

I Hate Fairyland Deluxe HC Book One

Heather's Pick

From SKOTTIE YOUNG, New York Times bestselling, Eisner Award-winning cartoonist of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz graphic novels, Rocket Raccoon, and Fortunately, the Milk, comes a satirical fairytale adventure that smashes its cute little face against hilariously violent comedy that's definitely NOT bedtime story material for the kiddies (unless your parents are super cool and don't screen your entertainment, then...whatever). In this oversized DELUXE HARDCOVER, join Gert (a grown woman in a six-year-old girl's body, who has been stuck in a the magical world of Fairyland for over 30 years) on a maddening quest to return home. It's just her, a fly named Larry, a giant blood-soaked battle-axe and an endless amount of cute and cuddly Fairylanders standing in her way.
Collects I HATE FAIRYLAND #1-10, along with EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS!


Are you a die hard Skottie Young fan? Do you love I Hate Fairyland? Do you wish you could know more? See some extra art? Read more about the creator and creation of the story? Of course you do! You really, really, REALLY need to buy this beautiful (and very bloody) Hardcover. (PS: It also makes for a perfect Christmas Present!)

So much. All the great! And we can offer you even more. It is a little cold. A little snowy. But we have great books! Come on in and check them all out.

And make sure you check back here weekly for all of the best Amazing Staff Picks!