Takin' a Shelfie!

There are a LOT of comic blogs out there. It seems there are more and more people with opinions on the Comics industry each and every day. From fan to retailers to comic creators and everyone in between, everyone is talking the goods and bads of Comics and all that the Industry holds. And, yes, we absolutely have our own input. Here in the "Our Thoughts" Blog section, we are going to talk about a multitude of topics. Each staff member will get the chance to speak their mind, talk new product or perhaps just ramble on about life.

Heather's Shelfie

For our first "Our Thoughts" segment we thought we could start with a soft but bright topic. We want to introduce a new Monthly segment that we hope will also bring you, our customers, into the conversation. "Takin' a Shelfie" will spotlight both new and older items including books, games and toys that you should have on your shelves. But we do not only want our own Shelfies. We want yours too! But... We will get to that a little later.

So... Let's talk about what you should have on your shelf!

Amazing Spider-Man Digest


Marvel and Archie Comics are coming together to bring All Ages stories in this cost effective (prices starting at $6.99) Digest. With over 200+ page, this travel-sized books include classic stories from creators such as Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. With the school year coming to an end, this is the perfect pick-up for the upcoming car trip to the beach.

DC Universe Harley Quinn ArtFX+ Statue


Kotobukiya continues their line of incredibly beautiful, yet affordable (Harley is only $69.99), line of DC Comics Heroes and Villains statuary with Harley Quinn. Wearing her classic costume and carrying her signature hammer, Harley is ready to be the next lethal smile standing tall (1/10th scale) upon your shelf.

Ghosts Love Candy


Ghosts LOVE candy! This is a fact. Why else would Halloween be their favorite Holiday? But as an incorporeal creature of the night it is difficult to actually pick up and consume candy. That is why, on Halloween night, you can take control of the bodies of the children and trick-or-treat to your little ghost heart's content. But don't eat too much or you might throw up. At $19.95, this quick card game, created by Steve Jackson Games (Munchkin), is great for all ages and perfect for the next family game night.

We Want You

WE WANT YOU!!! To send us your Shelfies! Take a picture of what you are most proud of. Your favorite piece of original comic art, your special and most beloved art commission by your favorite artist, your five book shelves filled with every Marvel trade ever, or that tower of games you and your family play every night. We want to share in your passion for this incredible industry! So please send your Shelfies to: amazingcomicshop.digital@gmail.com with the a Subject of "OK TO POST!"

Watch out for our next "Takin' a Shelfie" post where we talk even more toys, games and stories that you need on your shelf!